newly diagnosed - any nurses or student nurses out there?

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newly diagnosed - any nurses or student nurses out there?

Post by jaffacake7 » Wed Aug 19, 2015 4:16 pm

Hiya I've just found this forum - I got diagnosed last month and I'm a student nurse. Just wondering if anyone can share any of their stories with me as I failed my last placement and I haven't been getting any support. I got to this point doing really well and then ended up with a mentor who didn't care for students, which is bad enough - but I feel like they've completely failed me! I'm due to qualify next year and just needed to talk to someone who might understand! Thanks :)

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Re: newly diagnosed - any nurses or student nurses out there?

Post by Twinky » Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:00 pm

Hi Jaffacake

I was a midwifery student until December when I withdrew after a 3rd year diagnosis of dyspraxia. The uni were good but in practice I had two mentors who were of the opinion that you can't be a midwife if you are dyspraxic and made it their mission to prove it. I decided to withdraw after passing everything except my delivery suite competencies so I got my degree but not my qualification.

I applied to my hometown uni for Child Nursing and was offered a place and I start in Sept. I will qualify as a nurse and prove that it can be done with or without them ;)

Ask for a new mentor they refused my request for a new mentor for 2nd attempt and that's why I withdrew xxx

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Re: newly diagnosed - any nurses or student nurses out there?

Post by clairebear77 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:15 pm

Hi there :) I started my journey to become an adult nurse just a few weeks ago. I already knew I had dyslexia but my uni required me to attend a full diagnostic test to be able to access their support network. I had that test today and on top of my dyslexia I was informed that I also have dyspraxia :S I won't receive the full written report for a couple of weeks. I am now worried about my ability to accomplish my dream, although the assessor did assure me that I was more than capable with the right support. it's just so scary. However the diagnosis does explain so much about the difficulties I have been experiencing xx

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Re: newly diagnosed - any nurses or student nurses out there?

Post by Tom fod » Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:09 pm

Hi Claire and welcome

Unfortunately there often isn't a great deal of post diagnosis support but hopefully the forums can help you to get to know yourself and develop your own strategies for getting things done. We have quite a few members who work in the caring profession so do feel free to post any questions though please be patient as responses sometimes take a while to be posted.

Sometimes it's hard not to feel trapped by the label but try not to be limited by your own or other peoples ideas of what you can/cannot do.

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Re: newly diagnosed - any nurses or student nurses out there?

Post by ivlostmypurse » Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:51 pm

hey guys,

ive just started my mental health nursing degree, i'm feeling totally overwhelmed. I have a diagnosis of irlen syndrome, dyspraxia and dyslexia.

i hear the term read read read all the time which fills we with dread. read what? where is it? it seems the inclusive term is lost in higher education because everything i have to do seems like a mission to find that needle in the hay stack.

im kind of deemed the class clown but i couldn be more serious about acheieving this degree. does anyone find there deemed abit of an annoyance or those truely nice colleagues end up being you carers.

i do have support which is great i had a late diagnosis so i have never had this before but trying to meake friends and my supporters at the same time time is like a total overload.

im feeling quite dpressed at the moment it is so nice to read these statements it's a lonely frustrating condition especially when the "none learning disability" community dont understand or accomadate our unique ways.

what i am sure of is that we will be great nurses empathy is definilty natural to us.

i hope your all doing well so far, im hoping to find some tips on here to be organised. im sat looking at files now i bought them in some to be orepared n i have not put anuthing in them, theres papers spread all across my room!!!!!


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