I can't drive automatic?

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I can't drive automatic?

Post by Doctor_Who? » Sat Dec 12, 2015 4:51 pm

I've had about 10 lessons in automatic. I tried a different instructor today as my other is a bit unreliable and I got so upset.
I find it impossible to check my mirrors, control the pedals, steer and brake! And this is automatic! There are few automatic instructors in my area anyway. I was planning to do my theory soon, but I'm so disheartened!
I see people on here saying they can' t do manual, so what kind of idiot am I that I can't even drive automatic properly.

I feel like the biggest failure. ](*,) :blush:

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Re: I can't drive automatic?

Post by Tom fod » Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:31 pm

Hi Doctor_Who

Afraid I can't offer you any tips re technique as I don't drive either. I know there is a a great deal of pressure and society seems to expect it, but there are people who can't for various reasons. Is it valid for them to brand themselves a failure for finding something either very difficult or impossible?

Not everyone finds it easy or gets it straight away and it sounds like you're placing a whole load of pressure on yourself to succeed quickly. Being visually impaired learning was not an option for me but I know I would have struggled. Please do try not to compare yourself to others who are already driving, It's not fair on yourself and it maybe that they too had a very difficult road to training themselves to be able to synchronise all the various conscious actions required to drive competently and safely.

If you read other posts you'll also see that other people here either can't or have also faced a long uphill battle only to get there in the end. I hope you get there so have patience with and faith in yourself that you will get there.

All the best

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Re: I can't drive automatic?

Post by Teejaye98 » Mon May 23, 2016 7:55 pm

I also have a huge problem driving automatic. I can- but barely, and if nobody was in the car with me I would surely get in an accident quite quickly. I can drive in a parking lot, very very slowly. And my driving instructor back when I was taking lessons took me on an 80km road and SCREAMED at me... what he said made zero sense too, I got home and had a panic attack - I really think it scarred me and because of that I don't know if I'll ever drive.... We will figure it out even if we never learn. There are other ways to get around.

Good luck to you!

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