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automatic driving

Post by MrsR2012 » Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:38 pm

Hi everyone

I'm 27 very nearly 28and I've recently started my driving lessons, it's never something I've been bothered about before but it's becoming a nessacite in my life for work and childcare etc.
I'm having my 4th lesson tonight, my instructor is great, lots of patcience and aware of my deslexia and despraxia. I understandably felt quite anxious on my first lesson but this has lessened, it's still there but not as bad. I feel a lurch of anxiety when I go to get into the drivers seat but I think this is normal?!
I asked my instructor if it was normal to be this nervous and he said I was more nervous then most. I am driving, just a little quiet back roads and making turns and doing small junctions, but I voice my panic, which is just the way I am, I'm very vocal and I tend just to say what I'm thinking lol. So when I'm driving and a car is coming towards me I start saying 'theres another car, am I ok' and worrying that the other car is going to crash into me, bearing in mind Im only going like 20mph at most lol.
Is this normal? How can I get over my nervous? Any tips?
My worry is that I'll do something stupid and cause an accident or make others drivers annoyed coz I'm going so slowly!
Any tips would be great?! I want to pass my test asap

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Re: automatic driving

Post by Tom fod » Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:31 pm


Since no one has tried to respond here yet, I'll have a stab. Unfortunately I'm not a driver as my eyesight is unfortunately not up to it. However I'm all too aware of the social and other pressures that make being able to drive an expectation of normality (whatever normality is?). It's another rite of passage I have not achieved.

I do the vocal thing and do chunter along to myself and my computer (no giggles). Short of extended hours in the driving seat so you can get a feel for it I can't really suggest anything. I don't know if driving simulators can ever provide the same feeling to help you develop your visual perception skills for the real thing. I've got myself some insane stunt bonuses in Grand Theft Auto SA but tapping keys and changing gears/clutch and anticipating other drivers manoeuvres or intent on the road is not something I've done (or would really want to have to try. (I can cycle but would not want to do it on anything other than quiet roads/dedicated cycle paths.)

Can anyone else here offer any ideas? It's very much a personal thing I guess.

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Re: automatic driving

Post by RGabb » Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:43 pm


I was learning with my dad to drive just to get used to it for my driving lessons before Christmas, I was in a manual car which I must say I hate it was so confusing once it driving it was ok, other than my speed it was a bit erratic at times, and I keep veering off slightly and no looking around and looking at the mirrors as it was hard to do that and try and press the correct pedals at the right time and steer all at once, I literally had to concentrate as hard as I could on it and not let anything distract me (which was quite hard) otherwise it would go downhill and my dad would get annoyed which he did a few times. I must say it didn't help with my dad constantly wondering why I couldn't do this and that, and him getting frustrated as why i couldn't do them things and why it got too much for me at time to the point I would go very quiet and feel sad for the rest of the benign as I was overloaded and wondering why some days I would be good and some days I would be awful and not remember but other days i could. i was very nervous when i first started and was constantly worrying as whether i am doing everything right and making sure I would stop where my dad told me to and not go past it or not close enough.

I also get a nervous when swapping seats in the drivers seat, I can relate vaguely to the other one I get quite nervous and I tend to stop and wait if there was other cars and get nervous and worried if other cars started following. just stay calm and try and relax and think there is no need to get nervous and worry its hard but tell yourself that's there is no need to worry and be nervous. I tend to start off slow and then my dad has to slow me down as I forget about what speed i'm going as i am concentrating on the pedals steering wheel and in front of me.

I haven't driven since but probably take a automatic one next time but cant find anyone who teaches automatic around here, but looking at future plans i would need to drive a manual for what I want to do in the future unless my interest changes which it may do as they do a bit.

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