lerning to drive /help and support

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lerning to drive /help and support

Post by jade04smith90 » Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:12 pm

I am new to this forum and have only recently been diagnosed with dyspraxia before my diagnoses I tried to learn to drive for three years and didn’t get anywhere fastI am desperate to start learning again as a am a single mother and a student and feel not being able to drive is really holding me back therefore I’m wondering if people have successfully passed and how they have done it (i.e any tips or equipment that can help) and also if anyone knows any good driving instructors in the Colchester area.

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Re: lerning to drive /help and support

Post by Shadwell » Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:22 am

hi jade, yes driving is one of the hardest things to do, I did do it in a manual car, and only 3 months of driving lessons of twice a week with the instructor, but I still wasn't 100% ready for it, even though I was determind to pass, but it also meant me driving every chance I could possibly get with my parents.

but I had also done about 2 years of playing the game "Hard Drivin" I think it was the first simulator game that had the gearstick, and clutch pedal, and had quite a bit of off road driving experience in loads of different vehicles, which would turn out to be the best thing for me, as 2 weeks before my driving test my driving instructor left the AA as they were giving him a bad reputation as every time his car was vandalised they wouldn't contact anyone about their lessons being cancelled.

so I went with the driving instructor as he was really good at getting me to relax, and drive at near enough my own pace. even though I knew my biggest let down would be the reversing, but got to do plenty of that with him, and also my parents.

as for driving instructors it is kind of a lucky dip. my advice would be to book one lesson at a time until you find a driving instructor that you feel comfortable with, and then book any lessons after the hour if your happy.

I would definately reccomend being off the busy streets while you get used to the car. a car with dual control is near enough a must. even though my driving instructor only used it twice while I was learning. but with the way other people cut you up, especially as a learner, then it is a must have in today society.

but my advice is if you feel rushed, or not comfortable, then say bye-bye to the driving instructor. always remember you are paying quite a lot of money, and tat the end of the day you money matters to them.

don't fork out for the tests before you personally feel happy with your driving skills. especially the hazard perception part of the test, as then it confines you to 2 years of your practical test, otherwise you got to re-sit that test again.

the other thing is try a lesson in an automatic car if you find it all a bit too much with the clutch and gears. the only thing that you got to watch is that you pass the driving test in a manual car otherwise you got to take a 2nd driving test before you can legally drive a manual car. as automatic cars are great, but you loose something like 50 - 75% of the fuel, as with a manual car you can tell it to go into 4th before the engine is warm, or use a high gear down the motorway or something, but with an automatic, then it got what is called a kick-down gearing system, which basically means changes the gear down when you press the accelerator too hard.

and that will drink the fuel, like went to the isle of wight 2 years ago in my automatic car, and everytime we hit a hill at 70mph, we could either slow down to like 50mph, or kick down, there wasn't a happy middle of maintaining speed to get up the hills in the gear we were in. so we were like 2,000 revs at 70 mph, and it would kick down and goto 3,000 revs, and a lower gear. even on little inclines.

hope this piece of advice helps

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