What to expect dating a Dyspraxia guy

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Re: What to expect dating a Dyspraxia guy

Post by starflower » Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:37 am

I'am new to this site, glad to find it. I'am married to a man whom I think has Dyspraxia. When we first met
he told me that his daughter from his first marriage has it quite bad. He himself has never been diagnosed
with it, he is 54 so I guess in those days maybe it was unheard of. He is forever losing his keys and misplacing
his mobile phone, puts his sentences together in a strange way, can be normal one minute then moody and strange
the next, hates noise, even footsteps in the house at night! Is really odd about food, the list goes on!! Sounds
like he has it, any advice? I love him completely, even his odd ways, but find the moody bit difficult, mostly when his personality can change so quickly! Even this morning he lost his keys again!!


Blue Angel
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Re: What to expect dating a Dyspraxia guy

Post by Blue Angel » Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:46 am

We all lose our keys. I have a set of hooks for them. Sometimes when stressed we forget to hang them there anyway. The mood swings are not about you.

I'm not living with nor would I be brave enough to marry the man I love. He needs his own space and the routine he has perfected. He is happy but can only focus on the task at hand. Living in the present moment is happiness. I don't know what to tell you except....in the words of a song...."I'd rather live in his world, than live without him in mine."
Short term memory loss is part of his world.
Someone here might have a strategy for dealing with it.
I know its difficult, but our gentle, honest men are worth it and so are we.

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