A persons will

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A persons will

Post by Little Miss Anxious » Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:14 pm

If a good friend who passed away, left you money in their will, how would you go about receiving that and what would you have to do?

If you were over 18 and were in your 20s and a friend left the money or will to you, would the form require your next of kins contact information and if you had no spouse or partner, would you have to put your mother in as next of kin even if you didn't want ti involve your mother???

Thanks for listening.

Amy Conway

Tom fod
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Re: A persons will

Post by Tom fod » Sat Feb 04, 2012 12:15 am


First of all sorry to hear about death of your friend. Firstly I'm not an expert so cannot say exactly how the law should or will be applied in your case. I'm assume it works roughly the same as in the UK. Wills appoint an executor to distribute monies/property as stated in will. I'm assuming a solicitor. Have you received such a form or had any contact from your friend's family or a solicitor/lawyer yet?

No reason for your mother having to be involved in process assuming you're a legal adult and you are named and identifiable as beneficiary. Someone should contact you probably by letter (which could be sent to your family home) but bear in mind things may not necessarily happen that quickly.

I'd suggest you visit local library/citizens advice to reassure yourself about how process works.


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