Alone New years eve 2011

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Alone New years eve 2011

Post by Little Miss Anxious » Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:07 pm

Have you any ideas on what I could do for new years eve?

I am 24 and a part time student who is on a disability allowance and has no friends. I spent last new years eve with Paul my date in a pub at a music event who I spend time with in total 12 times and then he didn't want us to see each other anymore.

One old friend Colm who I feel uncomfortable with so am trying to keep my distance and he is over protective and tells me not to go see people in another town at all if I don't really know them that well even though I have and it was fine and I judge who I come see, but anyway he wants me to stay in his house tonight and have some drinks out but I wouldn't really be happy with that.

I was meant to spend the new years eve with a guy called Mike who I spent time with twice and spoke on the phone to months ago, we're talking last Summer and he said, 1 or 2days ago that it would be ok to spend new years eve with him because he is doesn't know what he is doing and has no money to go out, but we didn't plan a time or anything and now I can't get through to him on his mobile phone and he hasn't responded to my messages.

I would rather be with him for new years eve, than any where else and the last train is at 7pm.

If I went out, I would have to go by myself and it would be a bit lonely, I know one old friend called Daniel who may come out with me but he is 18.

I could go home and spend the new year with my family, this time.

Calling up guys and having a kinky on new years eve, wouldn't be that good as spending time with them.

If I went to my old friends house, I would be back to square one and wishing I was that guy Mike and I would be on my phone allot because the truth would be I wouldn't want to stay the night with him, we debate over small things like me getting a train/bus to meet some guy who I have only been speaking to on the phone and I know myself when I should I should not go on a bus/train to meet somebody, I did that for Mike and I had a great time. I really miss Mike and am disappointed and upset now and don't think I should risk getting the 7pm train, in-case he is not around. Me and my old friend also had sex twice and he doesn't like me being on the phone to anybody when I am in his company. I would pretend to be happy with him if I spent the night with him.

A music event that is on tonight is a band which an old friend of mine Noel manages and I have to have words with him, small words but feel that I shouldn't have to pay for the event just so I could do that if I am only going to the music event alone and that I should wait until the next free event with that band or go to the music event in another town where the band manager lives now, we have some history to sort out and he is distant with me but doesn't speak to me when he sees me at a music event if he bumps into me and has spoken to me on the street, as well.

What do you think I should I do???

I am craving to spend time with Mike and would like to get the history issue sorted with Noel as soon as possible.

Btw my family can be quite critical and judgemental and use blackmail and guiltrip me etc which is why I left home.

Thanks for listening.


Amy Conway

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