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Re: Relationships

Post by Writingismylife » Sat Jan 28, 2012 6:51 pm

WTCCFan wrote:
cpr02 wrote:im not 100 percent certain but ill give it a go ! :D :D sometimes people with dyspraxia like there own space and dont like constantly having to be around people this could make moving in with your partner difficult as he would always be there so may need to understand when to back off a bit and give some space

People with dyspraxia can find interaction with others in large groups / or just in general a struggle so may not like to socilise that much due to this which could make finding a partener difficult when out they may not be able to judge others intentions body laungauge or pick up on social cues as easily this may mean they just don't know when its there turn to speak in a conversation or interrupt others frequently and come accross as tactless #-o :rolleyes: or become distracted easily - and loose track of the conversation this could all be things that someone who doesnt have dyspraxia could struggle to deal with / understand
Highly agree. On the Monday after Boxing Day I went to a party for the local Athletics Club at the pub over the road from the club. I saw lots of social groups of different sizes but I never felt I had a place in any of them. I would have just barged in and made a nuisance of myself. I wanted to, but I wasn't confident I would have been wanted or had a place in the group. I find it hard to even make myself known in a one-to-one situation for exactly the same reason. I am not wholly confident again I am wanted or that person wants to know me when they would prefer to know someone more exciting than me.

reading body language is also a major issue. People make such an issue of it however. And if body language wasn't such an issue I would be better off.
cpr02 wrote:There can also be a dislike of touch and a need to maintain personal space this could also be diffcult

I love people touching me. Though I do like private space.
cpr02 wrote:also and finaly some people can have really good days where there dyspraxia is barley noticable and really bad days where it is very noticable this could also be diffcult to understand i think that when you find the right person they WILL understand !! :lol: :D hope i helped
I totally agree with that to.
I always found that if I go to a large social gathering, its good if I brought a friend with me. That way I could get to know more people, I don't feel so under pressure to be overly chatty and if it doesn't seem like I have any connection with them, then I can just fall back to talking to my friend. It's a great way to meet new people and feel more comfortable in new surroundings. :D
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