Finding the right people

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Will Rivett
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Finding the right people

Post by Will Rivett » Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:55 pm

Feel I'm struggling in this point in my life to find people I truly connect with. Don't think I've really met anyone who understands dyspraxia. I did actually attempt to take my life. Does it ever get betterfor people with dyspraxia finding people that get them/

Tom fod
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Re: Finding the right people

Post by Tom fod » Sun Dec 22, 2019 5:59 pm

Hi Will

Firstly welcome. Glad you've found us.
I think it's becoming more well known but getting one's head round it is often quite another. I think being accepting of ourselves is very important though that's too often v difficult.

There are people out there who will and do care.

Where are you from and what's breaking you? What have you tried?

With a foot full of bullets I tried to run faster but I just hobbled on to the next disaster.
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Re: Finding the right people

Post by texilulu » Sun Feb 23, 2020 1:21 pm

Hi Will, I feel very despondent sometimes too, but somehow the few people who love me in my family keep coming to my mind when I feel at my wits end. I come to the realisation that I couldn't do that to them, to willingly remove myself from their life, because it would devastate them.
I find it very lonely sometimes. I feel like I make some good connections, but keeping them going is really hard sometimes. I will definitely credit having a pet at this point. My cat is hilarious, and always depends on me. He is always making me laugh. He is a self righteous bugger though, and bites and scratches like a banshee! but in those moments I am really low, somehow he always lets me tough his soft fur, and cuddle him. Animals are my deep love! they are in my opinion a totally necessary part of dealing with my mental issues over my dyspraxia. You are loved! even if you can't always feel it. O:)
Have a lovely day my friends. x

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