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[b]Welcome to the Dyspraxic Adults forum![/b]

This forum is for all adults with dyspraxia to chat, discuss their challenges, share their experiences, find help and join in the community of dyspraxics.

[b]Who is it for:[/b]

Internet forums for dyspraxic children, and teens have existed for some time, but a forum for adults was always absent. This is where the Dyspraxic Adults forum comes in. We realise that dyspraxia doesn't suddenly disappear when you reach adulthood (as was once thought) and that many of us continue to face difficulties in our daily lives.

Facing challenges in the workplace? Trying to socialise at Uni? Found a place to get assessed and receive help? Needing tips for passing your driving test? All of these and many more are experienced regularly by adult dyspraxics. Whether you've got questions to answer, advice to share, or just want to meet people like-minded people, this forum is here for you.

For content reasons, this forum is only for those aged 16+. The forum is intended to be unmoderated and therefore discussions may occur that are unsuitable for younger users. The focus of the forum is also specifically tailored for adults, such as dealing with University and the workplace, for those who have left school and have moved into different phases of life with their own challenges.

[b]Personal information:[/b]

You can select what information you provide is displayed to other users, such as e-mail address.

We recommend you include some location information in your profile. UK based members should provide their region, county or city while members from overseas should give their country. This ensures that members can share information which is relevant to you.

Many members also socialise through MSN/Live Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and other online communities. You are welcome to do the same.


It is necessary to be registered to post to the forum. It is possible to post to all sections except for the Announcements and Information, which can only be posted on by site admin.

If you are posting a long message, do try to break the post into paragraphs so that it is easy to read.

[b]Avatars, banners and images:[/b]

Is it possible to add an avatar, a small picture of your choice, below your username when you post to the board. To do this, select the profile option from the top menu, scroll to the bottom and select the web address where the chosen image is located. Note that the image must be hosted elsewhere online and should be no larger than 80 x 80 pixels in size, although up to 110 x 100 may be okay. Please keep the image file size as small as possible, preferably no more than 20 or 30kb.

Banners displayed in your posting signature are allowed, but they should not be so high that they add a considerable amount of size to the posts, nor so wide they they distort the formatting of the forum pages. Again, ensure the image is as small as possible, compressing it so the file size is below 20 or 30kb in size.

Any large images used which threaten to seriously slow down the speed of the forum for users will be removed without warning. If you wish to share a large image with a group please link to the image rather than displaying it on the forum.

[b]Guidance: (A few do's and don'ts)[/b]

Please avoid personally criticising others or posting material that will offend, insult or hurt others.

Please consider that many post here in confidence. Do not repost or use anything posted to the forum without permission of the poster and informing forum admin.

Please try to stay on-topic when posting in a themed section of the forum. General posts can be made in the Lounge.

Posting with the sole purpose of provocation (trolling) is not allowed.

Avoid posting matter of a commercial nature.

Please do not post content of a sexual nature, extreme violence or content deemed not appropriate or links to such

Posts should not support illegal activities of any kind as this may threaten the continuation of the forum.

It is not the intention of forum admin or moderators to actively moderate this forum. We do reserve the right to edit or delete posts if they are unacceptable in some way or if they affect the smooth operating of the forum and we may ban users in the most extreme circumstances. However most importantly this forum should be an easy going place for members to help each other and having a good time.

If you have any questions about the forum at any time, if you'd like to report an unacceptable post or for any other reason please send a private message to myself or Pooky, the forum administrators.

Thanks for reading this introduction to the forum,

Forum Admin.

[i]Updated 29/04/2007[/i]